Facebooks Algorithm Hijacked This $8 Billion Company to Sell Cat Blindfolds

December 7, 2017

Over the past few months, Wish ads have dominated Facebook by hawking bizarre items like hamster leashes, giant human-sized balls of yarn, toenail extenders, mysterious car goo, and a myriad of other strange things for extremely low prices. Thousands of these ads are displayed daily, not only on Facebook itself, but in a plethora of other apps that pull in Facebook ad inventory. Wish ads are so unusual that theyve…


Facebook, Google, Twitter to testify about Russian meddling: 4 things to know

November 2, 2017

 may have taken center stage on Monday, but a separate and important probe will take place this week when social media giants testify before Congress about Russia’s attempts to sow discord among Americans through their platforms. Attorneys for , Twitter, and  will meet with several Senate and House committees on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss before the 2016 election. High-profile names like Facebook CEO and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will…


Facebook partners with ZipRecruiter and more aggregators as it ramps up in jobs

October 2, 2017

Facebook has made no secret of its wish to do more in the online recruitment market — encroaching on territory today dominated by LinkedIn, the leader in tapping social networking graphs to boost job-hunting. Today, Facebook is taking the next step in that process. Facebook will now integrate with ZipRecruiter — an aggregator that allows those looking to fill jobs to post ads to many traditional job boards, as well as…