An Arrest in France Freaks Out the Kremlin Kleptocracy

November 24, 2017

MOSCOWHe was one of Russias untouchables: the countrys 21st richest man, a senator in the upper chamber of parliament. He is part of the circle of businessmen known for their loyalty to President Vladimir Putin and the benefits theyve reaped as a result, a billionaire member of Putins United Russia party who has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in important state projects to curry favor. Such pocket oligarchs earn…


Science Advances One Funeral at a Time. The Latest Nobel Proves It

October 17, 2017

The German physicist Max Planck said that science advances one funeral at a time. Or more friendly rival; they even play tennis together. “In the long run,” Azoulay said, “the best ideas probably win. But in the short run, lots of funky things can happen. Thaler’s career is an embodiment of the beginning and the end of that process.” Peter Coy Bloomberg Businessweek Columnist @petercoy Peter Coy is the economics editor…